Co-Founder & Writer: Courtney

Courtney has been crafting high-quality outdoor experiences for over 6 years. She’s trained national park employees, college students, and outdoor enthusiast of all ages in 13 states. She’s taken twenty 7-year-olds canoeing at one time and lived to tell about it.  In 2014 she traveled the country teaching outdoor ethics and logged 227 nights in her tent. She started paddleboarding in 2010 and enjoys regularly paddling new areas. Whether paddling with jellyfish in the Pacific or taking her board down the Colorado River, whatever your next adventure looks like, Courtney is ready to be part of it.

Some of her favorite recent adventures include rock climbing on Achill Island, Ireland, and Meteora, Greece, paddling the Salt River in Phoenix, and eating her way through Cape Cod.

At Level 40 Adventures Courtney uses her words to inspire readers from around the world. She also handles reservations and behind-the-scene-logistics.

When not traveling Courtney can be found reading, napping with her pup, and bothering her local cheesemonger for more snacks.