About Us

There was a chart scribbled on the inside of a textbook I had when I was in college. It had a circle in the middle that said, “comfort zone.” Outside of that circle, it had an arrow pointing to the empty space and read, “life happens here.” How true it is: so many of our great adventures happen when we step outside of that comfortable, normal, everyday zone. Just how far are you willing to step out? Well, that’s up to you. Level 40 Adventures was created by Nick and Courtney Bierschbach, the duo came up with the “Adventure Level Scale” as the result of an argument on where their next adventure should be.

Courtney enjoys tip toeing or taking a nice leisurely walk outside of that comfort zone. While on the other hand, Nick will cannonball out of his comfort zone faster than most people can spell “adrenaline.”Comfort Zone


To meet in the middle they came up with the scale, so that they could find the adventures that challenged them, but were still immensely enjoyable. The scale only went to 10 initially, but some adventures are just too good. Those magical days where lifelong memories are made.Those days fall under a special category… Level 40.

So whether you’re a tip-toer or a cannonballer, we have something for everyone at Level 40 Adventures. From flexible lessons to exciting private and public tours we’ll find the right fit for you. We’d be happy to have you make memories and waves with us this season.

Come step outside your comfort zone and find your Level 40 Adventure.