Adventure Book Review: Dear Bob and Sue

“Dear Bob and Sue”

Sometimes winter is hard. Especially when it’s too cold to go outside and you can’t remember the last time you saw the sun. Thankfully, I can still travel the world without having to leave my couch and the curled-up-dog at my feet. Adventure and travel books are a wonderful way to satiate your inner travel bug. Especially when it’s a) too cold to leave your house b) your bank account or vacation time won’t support another trip right now or c) you need some inspiration to get out there!

For my birthday  I was gifted “Dear Bob and Sue” by Karen A. Smith and Matt Smith. The married couple decides to take a year or so off from the normal daily grind to visit all 59 National Parks together. They plan to hike, drink beer, and eat pizza as they explore all designated National Parks (not monuments, memorials, lakeshores, etc. just the National Parks proper). The format is a series of emails written in turn by Karen and Matt to their friends and inspirators Bob and Sue. I found this style to be so refreshing. I really enjoyed the ease of being able to read just one or two emails as I had a few spare minutes. A quit jolt of travel in my daily hustle and bustle. Moreso, if you’ve ever traveled with your significant other you’ll appreciate the humor these two provide as they share their own views of the same experiences. These experiences range from luxury hotels, near-miss bush plane rides, and rock theft and will have you wishing you received emails from friends like Karen and Matt.

While certainly not a travel guide, I enjoyed the views and reminders of parks I’ve enjoyed myself. The authors share their unapologetic opinions of America’s most iconic and loved parks and their surprises and enjoyment of lesser traveled parks like American Samoa and Big Bend National Park.


I enjoyed this unique view of the National Parks. The humor that the duo provides in traveling together is the perfect antidote to what could be a repetitive scene of visit new park, hike, drink beer, eat pizza, repeat. In small doses, this book is the perfect antidote to the long winter still ahead.

So whether it comes from the library, a local bookshop or Amazon*, add Dear Bob and Sue to your winter reading list.


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